Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello bloggy people. I hope you are doing well today. It is such a beautiful day here in Michigan. The sun is shining and the birds are singing songs of love and happiness. I however, am stuck in the office working away diligently...well...with the exception of right now while I am take a tiny break to write this wonderful post.

If you want to know a little about me (cause I know you do) her is the lowdown. I am a 30 something mother/wife/career woman, crafter extraordinaire, who sews, quilts, crochets and does all the other wifely duties around the home one would expect such a wonderful woman to do. :) I do not like to cook but will try hard on occasion. I love gardening in the summer months but cannot for the life of me keep a houseplant alive for more than a few months. 

This little blog of mine is going to be a place for me to document my crafty endeavors so that I can look back and say ahhhh...I remember that and smile. I hope you join me.